Data mining

Our top-tier predictive modeling consultants utilize the world’s most predictive machine learning algorithms in order to generate highly accurate models. Amreli Technology Solutions specializes in finding complex patterns, often interactive and non-linear.

Whether you’re looking to use data mining in order to drive new business, reduce cost or gain the competitive edge, data mining is an invaluable asset for every organization. By using data mining techniques to analyze the data that is accumulating and filling your enterprise data warehouses, organization will harness and gain insight from their large data store to drive proactive decision making. Amreli Technology Solutions’ data mining software can surface patterns and trend in your data that you may never have thought to look for.

Our successes span multiple industries specializing in Forecasting Financial markets, Medical Outcomes, Database Marketing, Recommendation Engines and Fraud Detection.

Our world-class experts can aid in

  • Data preparation to mitigate risk, merge tables and reformat data as needed for model creation.
  • Exploratory data analysis to discover new relationships and anomalies.
  • Testing and validating your model to guarantee your model generates output as expected and generalizes well applied to new discoveries.
  • Deployment of models and results into applications/databases to optimize business processes and make efficient decisions.
  • Understand and Predicting Customer behavior.
  • Measure profitability and value for your organization.
  • Identify optimal site locations, and minimize credit risk, as well as detecting fraudulent activity.

We help your enterprise leverage all of your computing power for faster, and more accurate analysis.

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