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Amreli Technology Solution’s Watch & Inform offers a unique and innovative new solution to your protecting your security. A component of Amrelitech’s physical security portfolio, Watch & Inform delivers autonomous, omnipresent monitoring that alerts security personnel as soon as a threat is detected. Watch & Inform’s cameras observe 24/7, 365 days a year without a need for human monitoring. Its sophisticated Natural User Interface algorithms continuously observe the image feed, detecting threats based on physical behavior, language and body language. These can be as obvious as detecting an intruder entering a business, or as subtle as the hostile motion of pointing a gun.

When a threat is detected, Watch & Inform immediately notifies a security center and streams a live audio and video feed of the location. The live feed allows security staff to assess the situation, dispatch appropriate and timely resources and keep first responders informed via Command Center; another compelling solution in Amrelitech’s security portfolio.

Watch & Inform’s unique capabilities help reduce the factor the human error and respond to a much wider range of potential threats. For example, out-dated multiple camera CCTV systems need to be simultaneously monitored by human staff to witness a threat that might be visible for only seconds; Watch N Inform monitors the same locations without fail, distraction, or needing a coffee break. In another example, an employee is confronted by an armed intruder. With Watch N Inform, employees do not need to risk the danger of trying to press an alarm button. Watch N Inform will automatically identify the intruder's hostile gestures -- or the raised hands of the employees -- and alert security. As you can see, Watch N Inform’s threat detection technology can be an actual lifesaver. It integrates readily with existing security infrastructure, databases and uses Skype or Lync technology.

Key Features

  • Always-on monitoring without constant human monitoring
  • Instantaneous detection of threat or accident
  • Seamless automatic live video footage transmittal
  • Optimal for outside and inside use
  • Low to non-existent maintenance
  • Helps any sector reduce resource costs, while safeguarding assets
  • Latest technology to save lives, adding value to your business

When you take WATCH-N-INFORM, Amreli Command Center, Amreli GuardComm and Amreli iWitness; you have a “bullet-proof” solution to workplace violence, workplace threats, workplace accidents and natural disasters. When you take all three of Amreli’s physical security solutions you integrate every member from visitors to clients and make their safety from violence and natural incidents, the number one priority.


  • Employees, clients, visitors and personnel are ensured maximum safety with WATCH-N-INFORM.
  • The intelligent threat detection security system doesn’t need any buttons to be pushed, alarms to be triggered, or phones to be called. It uses advanced algorithms to automatically detect a threat and notify the appropriate authorities.
  • Don’t let another robbery or workplace violence or accident occur under your watch. Offer your employees and clients the best of the best with WATCH-N-INFORM.
  • Connect employees with other employees and the Command Center through iWitness in order to keep security personnel notified even if there is an absence of camera presence.
  • Instantaneous detection of threat or accident.
  • Seamless automatic live video footage transmittal.
  • Optimal for outside and inside use.
  • Helps any sector reduce resource costs, while safeguarding assets.

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