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In the security world, problems can cost both lives and assets. We help enterprises of all sizes to save lives, resources and time in responding to security incidents through a unified view of your security operations. With Command Center, visually engage with impacted personnel; collaborate with multiple site locations, and view accidents and threats in real-time audio/video stream for a fast, responsive and decisive course of action. Keep authorized personnel informed of incidents and affected parties virtually anywhere in the world. Access control systems, video cameras, video content, fire systems and officers in the field using three screens: tablets, desktops and mobiles to universally manage your security infrastructure.

Until now, it has been slow, complicated and inefficient. Simplify security management with Amreli Command Center. Our cutting edge technology coordinates all your security operation management onto one screen. By using Microsoft’s Kinect camera with our own hardware and software, we created an automated system that can detect not only physical and verbal threats, but can also identify the presence of firearms or dangerous situations to enable faster response times in critical situations.

Key Features

  • Coordination of all incoming and outgoing information from one screen
  • Geo Fencing
  • Draw geographical areas and create automatic triggers
  • Set up alerts for individuals or teams when triggers are activated
  • Instantly narrow the viewable data to targeted areas
  • Automatic natural disaster alerts, to help you quickly determine the best action

Rapidly coordinate and control your emergency response to any situation through accurate and instantaneous identification, notification and communication. From the moment an incident occurs, our cameras will identify the threatening or dangerous behavior and immediately send an alert with live video, pictures, location and audio. With just a few clicks, all information will be routed to your personnel’s mobile and tablet devices or PCs. Respond rapidly; act intelligently.

Command Center is the central system for all your security operations. Coordinate and control the information flow to each field agent and act as one cohesive unit.

Command Center is the collaborative platform for threat and disaster management through the following components


When emergencies occur, many people are ill-prepared to handle the situation. The combination of stress, anxiety and fear can cause crippling panic, delayed action or impaired decision making. Thankfully, Watch-n-Inform automates the emergency response process by removing the need for human identification. Our motion sensor and voice recognition cameras;

  • Constantly sweep the room.
  • Detect threatening language, physical behavior, or the presence of firearms.
  • Automatically initiate emergency alerts.
  • Can be pre-programed with words or gestures to make an emergency call.
  • Stream live audio and video of the scene.


Enhance your security by enabling all personnel with the ability to capture and submit video, pictures, or audio of any situation with their mobile phones and tablet devices while they are on the ground. Your personnel will be able to;

  • Capture and send video and audio to Command Center.
  • Prevent a threat or dangerous situation before it escalates.
  • Draw attention to a problem or issue that is non-threatening in nature, but still requires immediate attention.
  • Create a flow of accurate information.


Enable your security personnel to do their jobs effectively by maintaining a running dialogue. GuardComm will;

  • Be continuously updated with live information from the scene.
  • Provide a reliable platform for communication.
  • Work with mobile, PC and tablet devices.
  • Allow personnel to strategize and coordinate while approaching the scene.

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