iWitness is the enterprise mobility solution for security and incident management. Help keep your employees and guests safe, while safeguarding your assets with. With this component of Amrelitech’s security portfolio, iWitness empowers your executives, employees and visitors with a mobile or tablet application in order to keep the command center up to date on all incident reports. Collaborate with iWitness users across vast geographic locations using live audio, video and pictures in order to relay accurate and real-time data of events through iWitness portal.

Your personnel will be able to:

  • Capture and send video and audio to Command Center.
  • Prevent a threat or dangerous situations before it escalate to emergency matters.
  • Draw attention to problems or issues that is non-threatening in nature, however, still require immediate attention.
  • Empower your personnel to strategize and coordinate while approaching the scene.
  • Draw attention to a problem or issue that is non-threatening in nature, but still requires immediate attention.

Key Features

  • Mobile solution for Security & Incident Management
  • Safeguard for your Assets
  • Realtime Event capturing
  • Respond Rapidly Act Intelligently

Rapidly coordinate and control your emergency response to any situation through accurate and instantaneous identification, notification, and communication. From the moment an incident occurs, our cameras will identify the threatening or dangerous behavior and immediately send an alert with live video, pictures, location, and audio. With just a few clicks, all information will be routed to your personel’s mobile and tablet devices or PCs. Respond rapidly; act intelligently.

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