GaurdComm is your field officers’ communication portal through tablets and smartphones, as well as their patrol car laptops. As a sophisticated smartphone and tablet application, GaurdComm is used to facilitate fast and efficient responses through Amreli Command Center and field agents. Field agents receive and transmit real-time information from Amreli Command Center, in order to efficiently and timely coordinate dispatch orders, relay incident information, and give on-foot directions, and warnings, while field agents use GaurdComm to receive all pertinent information.

Empower your security personnel to do their jobs effectively by maintaining a running dialogue with dispatchers and other field agents.

GuardComm will:

  • Continuously get updated with live data feed from the incident scene.
  • Provide a reliable platform for communication to ensure safety of all persons.
  • Communicate with mobile, PC, and tablet devices.
  • Empower your personnel to strategize and coordinate while approaching the scene.

Key Features

  • Be continuously updated with live information from the scene
  • Provide a reliable platform for communication
  • Real time Data Sharing
  • Work with mobile, PC, and tablet devices
  • Allow personnel to strategize and coordinate while approaching the scene

Rapidly coordinate and control your emergency response to any situation through accurate and instantaneous identification, notification, and communication. From the moment an incident occurs, our cameras will identify the threatening or dangerous behavior and immediately send an alert with live video, pictures, location, and audio. With just a few clicks, all information will be routed to your personel’s mobile and tablet devices or PCs. Respond rapidly; act intelligently.

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