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An ideal solution for creating a web-application, web-tool or web-site needing to implement complex business logic and needing to have different types of users of the site.

We create robust, secure and easy to use web applications, which can manage it contents, layout and behavior. We build custom business/management reports for better information. We provide dozens of ready to use modules, and change business parameters like taxonomy by just few clicks. We also build independent layouts according to user selections and user changeable.


  • We provide .NET based Web-application development and deployment for architecture planning and definition of secure, robust, and scalable solutions, as well as integrating disparate databases into easy-to-use interfaces.
  • We also have extensively developed customized automated Business Logic Work Flows; build ready-to-use reports and statistics on your business operations, online content management, and robust security following the Microsoft Security Best Practices.
  • Applications: For MSCOM platform, we did the largest release of Solution Marketplace, now called pinpoint using our web-application development expertise.

Application Development & Digital Marketing

  • New application development/maintenance using the Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET (2012,2010, 2008, 2005), SQL Server(2000,2005,2008,2012), C#, ASP.NET, Flash, JavaScript, DHTML, SQL & Adobe.
  • Existing application enhancement and integration with data sources including XML-web services, data-feeds and legacy structures.
  • Create an end-to-end digital marketing infrastructure and experience the results!

We can get you jump started in digital marketing with services in the following areas


  • Provide consultation, strategize and create email campaigns, newsletters, targeted newsletters, market research surveys (www.surveyou.com), online magazines, widgets, gadgets, content creation and syndication.
  • Using RSS, web-technologies and mobile marketing/ mobile-based emails and messaging.

User Experience

  • Create experience that your products deserve: We provide consultation and design web-presence, using latest technologies such as SilverLight, flash and mobile media, campaign homepages, landing pages, interactive displays, background sites, demos, awards, and other methods to make your customers stay on the site, learn more about your products and experience its offerings.
  • We add incentives, online surveys, contests and prize distribution linked to the experience.
  • Add streaming audio, video, rich text, and other items to provide further meat to the marketing.


  • Create a virtual conference experience!
  • Let your customers find the latest and greatest of your offerings, play with demos, register for further information or direct contact, learn about pricing, play games, use webcasts, and digital experience using SilverLight or alternatives.

Go Mobile

  • Why have the above experience only on desktops? Have all of it on mobile and reach every customer, even if when they are on the go!
  • Mobile apps, demos, mobile push, market research, mobile compatible content and incentives. We do it all and use the mobile technologies to its fullest.
  • We develop Microsoft Mobile platform, iPhone or blackberry applications for the same purpose.

Result Analysis

  • We record all the events and experiences of the end-users and provide you statistics.
  • Starting from web-analytics, monitoring and tracking customer data, customer satisfaction, customer feedback, to online help and e-loop-back, we do it all.
  • We have expertise in creating the back-end analysis, reporting and dashboarding of the productivity.
  • It includes Interpreting, analyzing, and distributing the important metrics, reporting and presenting to the executives and help creating presentations.

Community Creation

  • Do you want to create a community around your product for marketing and sales purposes?
  • We have "Knowledge Management" expertise and product to offer towards that and help you create Blogging sites, Forums, Wiki-experience, search using "Bing-technology-API" and get tremendous momentum!

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