Business dashboards have become monumental tools for companies in order to monitor and improve performance. Amreli Technology Solutions business intelligence software includes interactive dashboard software that will take the confusion and guesswork out of navigating your business information and key performance indicators.

To make effective and timely decisions, you need right information & knowledge anytime, anywhere. AmreliTech offers a powerful product that does exactly that in its Mobile for Enterprise solution - DashPort.

DashPort is a data visualization & warehousing product that brings tremendous value to its customers - it transforms scattered data into actionable intelligence! Using DashPort, executives receive up to the minute updates on their favorite KPIs which empowers them to make well informed decisions quickly and reliably. It not only provides them invaluable trends but also connects with reality, engages them to the people behind those trends and metrics, and exposes them to their company's internal social media interaction.

We encourage users to personalize these dashboards to choose how he/she might want to receive pertinent business notification issues before they become a problem and analyze information to plan for the future.

Business Intelligence software from Amreli Technology Solutions includes DashPort. DashPort is your turnkey solutions in making effective and timely decisions. DashPort helps you interact with and personalize in ways that support the unique way you analyze data and make decision. Historical information alongside current data, data in motion and predictive analytics help you quickly move insight to decision, all in one application --- DashPort.

Cut through the clutter of business information for quicker understanding.

DashPort's backend modules work with a variety of data sources and formats and converts those into a well-structured data-mart. This data-mart delivers data accuracy and quality that is needed to perform effective business operations. Its data is then combined with other relevant data from 3rd party data sources, processed and summarized to deliver your executives their K-P-Is at their fingertips. The DashPort's front end delivers these KPIs on tablets, pads, and mobile devices in addition to browsers and desktop interfaces for easy consumption. The powerful and easy to use visualization brings the power of "true BI" because it connects to the real data from its original sources instead of having to require repeated entry into multiple systems.

DashPort - combined with AmreliTech's big data services will enhance your organization's collaboration across multiple disciplines, units and layers of management.

Key Features

  • KPIs for executives
  • Up to the minute updates
  • Realtime information
  • Reality checks for business transparency

Using our in-depth industry experience, technology, assets and implementation methods, we’ll design a Business Intelligence (BI) strategy that fits your unique business needs that uses and integrates your existing infrastructure. You will then have new, smart insights and immediate return on investment (ROI) through actionable information enabling your executives to more rapidly identify and respond to business events, reduce losses in inefficiencies and providing you with a competitive advantage.

With Amrelitech’s DashPort capabilities you can

  • Assemble, personalize and interact with all kinds of business intelligence (BI) content in your DashPort application.
  • Analyze information on your DashPort and share results.
  • Collaborate on your DashPort with annotations and comments.
  • Access and interact with DashPort regardless of language and locations.
  • Create interactive, disconnected dashboards and distribute them to your whole originations, or cross-organization.
  • Take advantage of self-service BI that enables you to explore content without help I.T.
  • Depend on the expert that listens to your organizational needs to bring a solution fitting your needs.
  • Establish a business intelligence framework for your organization to serve your current and future needs of using business data to perform better business.
  • Instead of losing data because of lack of usage or inefficient storage, use our expertise to use every bit of data collected and store in retrievable systems. In addition, perform powerful searches for various purposes.
  • Place a future project framework using your existing business data to forecast various business parameters and set goals for your organization accordingly.
  • Integrate business data from various departments instead of keeping these separate and lose out in it power together.
  • Discover correlations amongst data from different departments and organize your business better.

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