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Your business is constantly evolving and your data needs to keep up with the pace. At Amreli Technology Solutions, we understand the power of data that gets constantly stored away in your enterprise systems. We understand what it takes to covert data into relevant, easy-to-use information reports that provide you a real-time snapshot of your business processes. Amreli Technology Solutions has the expertise to provide your organization the enterprise analytics services that you need. We bring business intelligence that provides meaningful insights which enables decision-making based on real-time data.

Amreli Technology Provides

Decision Support System (DSS)

Decision support system is an analytical application that permits the user to call up information from the data warehouse and manipulate it to derive actionable information.

Query & Reporting

Amreli Technology Solutions Business Intelligence query and reporting capabilities, offer reporting features to help business users communicate with others in order to drive decisions and gain additional insight.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Online Analytic Processing is the capability to store and manage the data in a way, so that it can be effectively used to generate actionable information. You are aware from the Business Intelligence Architecture; OLAP sits between the Data Warehouse and End-user tools.

Statistical Analysis

The new business intelligence reporting technologies designed to improve the productivity of business analysts and preserve information consistency throughout an organization. These analytical tools – and the types of users they are geared to – are the focus of this report.


Business Intelligence (BI) forecasting uses historical view of your business to create a predictive analysis. Forecasts are critical to daily decisions at all levels of the organization. Whether you are an analyst, a manager, or an executive, BI forecasting and predictive analysis can transform the way you view and analyses past data for future predictions.

Data Mining

Online business intelligence software for data mining takes advantage of web data mining and data warehousing to help you gather your information in a timelier and more valuable manner. The business intelligence software will search the trade magazines and newspapers relevant to your business to provide the growth information you need.


A BI Scorecard helps identify root-cause problems in your BI program, clear roadblocks, and regain forward momentum to the next level of BI and data warehouse excellence.


DashPort allows users to create and deploy dashboards without any administrative or development overhead. The integrated DashPort solution provides all the tools users need to create custom dashboards in a simple user-friendly environment.

Metadata Management

A well-defined metadata management strategy will enable your organization to integrate various BI system components and deploy best-of-breed architecture.

Key Benefits

  • Decision Support System
  • Query & Reporting
  • Online Analytical Processing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Data Mining
  • Scorecard
  • Dashport
  • Metadata Management

Using our in-depth industry experience, technology, assets, and implementation methods, we’ll design a BI strategy that fits your unique business needs that is uses and integrates your existing infrastructure. You will then have a new, smart insights and immediate return on investment (ROI) through actionable information enabling your executives to more rapidly identify and respond to business events, reduce losses in inefficiencies, and providing you with a competitive advantage.

Amrelitech’s BI services include:

  • Depend on the expert that listens to your organizational needs to bring a solution fitting your needs.
  • Establish a business intelligence framework for your organization to serve your current and future needs of using business data to perform better business.
  • Instead of losing data because of lack of usage or inefficient storage, use our expertise to use every bit of data collected and store in retrievable systems. In addition, perform powerful searches for various purposes.
  • Place a future project framework using your existing business data to forecast various business parameters and set goals for your organization accordingly. This is a powerful way to plan and motivate your business execution.
  • Integrate business data from various departments instead of keeping these separate and lose out in it power together. Discover correlations amongst data from different departments and organize your business better.
Technologies used

SQL 2008, 2005, 2000; SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services, SSAS SQL Server Analysis Services, SSIS SQL Server Integration Services, PPS - PerformancePoint Server 2007, Business Scorecard Manager, ProClarity, SharePoint InfoPath 2007, MOSS, Web Services, MDX, XML, ASP.NET.

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