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In today’s business environment, mobility has become increasingly important. Tablets and smartphones are changing the way employees get information and get their jobs done. The mobile and geographically spread out workforce now demand better and reliable infrastructure so that all your business applications can be used remotely on any device, anytime, anywhere. With better information, you and your employees will get better results. As a result, employees will be more efficient and happier when they have enterprise mobile access and get their jobs done on-the-go. Our enterprise mobility solutions provide the type of real-time data sharing and versatility that empower you workforce and transform your enterprise. Arm your sales force with business processes and promotional capabilities on their mobile or tablets devices.

Amrelitech’s Enterprise Mobility Management software platform delivers centralized control of all mobile devices and tablets including Windows phone, Windows Surface, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, as well as the apps that run on them within your organization. Built to CIO and CISO specifications, Amrelitech aligns mobility management with core IT services, extending existing resources and processes to fully secure, manage, support and govern mobility on par with all other critical IT systems. Enterprise mobility holds endless promises; however, it is also risky. With more devices on your corporate network, your corporate data will be at the hands of more people. According to security and mobility expert Jack Gold, between ten and twenty percent of enterprises will experience a mobile security breach. Amreli Technology Solutions specializes in providing the most innovative and secure enterprise mobility management. Out enterprise mobility solutions are built on enterprise-grade architecture, which is extremely scalable, highly available, and secure from the ground up. Powered by real-time automation, Amrelitech addresses the full mobile lifecycle—mobile device management (MDM), mobile app management, mobile support management, and mobile operations management.

Key Benefits

  • Business applications on any device, anytime, anywhere; remotely
  • Better Information, Better Results
  • Realtime Data Sharing
  • Most Innovative and Secure Enterprise Mobility Management
  • On-Cloud or On-Premise services for complete connectivity solution

We, Amreli’s Enterprise Mobility & Integration team care for you in that regard. We believe in providing you the best suited infrastructure, applications and needed on-cloud or on-premise services to enable the complete connectivity solution. We can make your mobility dream come true so that your people can access their data from anywhere, in a consumable format that makes them effective in their goals. Be it operations data, business data, marketing and sales data, their favorite KPIs, dispatch or order data, or 3rd party and proprietary system data – we port it all securely and make it live on your fingertips.

Contact us to find out more – write to us at mobility@amrelitech.com.

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