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It’s no secret that today’s enterprises are turning to the Cloud in order to improve scalability, workflows, processes, control costs, increase productivity, dependability, and return on investment. Although the cloud is currently a hot ticket item, we have been “in the cloud” for years. We understand all of the advantages. By moving your computing to cloud services, you make it accessible to you customers, personnel, and users over the internet, without the hassle and money needed to keep everything running, upgraded, and secure.

Let us do the managing

If you are looking for a practical and seamless approach to starting with the cloud using assets you already have, look to our modernization solutions. We will recycle your existing systems as they are, where they are, all of the infrastructure to support modernization will run in the cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Always On, Always Available
  • Improves business continuity
  • Better mobile/remote access of application/data
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Provides flexible - cost effective computing
  • Drives potential new business

Amreli Technology Solutions is your ideal partner for Cloud Services. Our experts will guide you through each step of migration and deployment -- from advice on requirements to recommended solutions, to designing an architecture that supports your current, legacy, and future needs, to testing that ensures the deployment is stable and functioning before your business depends on it, to support and maintain post-deployment – Amreli Technology Solutions is your end-to-end, turnkey solution provider for Cloud Services.

AmreliTech’s Cloud toolbox includes database, processing intensive applications, .Net, Sharepoint, SQL, and business applications, using Azure and Amazon cloud. AmreliTech delivers end-to-end Azure services using all Azure components: Windows and SQL Azure, web role, v-m-role, worker role, AppFabric, blobs, caches, and AD federation.

AmreliTech’s expertise extends to Line-of-Business and Third-Party Applications. We will seamlessly integrate your existing applications – Sharepoint, CRM, ERP, mobile Windows, Android, and iOS into a private or hybrid public/private Cloud solution.

AmreliTech’s past successes include the design and implementation of powerful, comprehensive Incident Management tools that were seamlessly deployed alongside of and in support of our client’s existing proprietary internal LOB systems. Our elegant solution simultaneously delivered high availability, low TCO, and ultimately surpassed all customer expectations.

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