To compete in the marketplace, you need qualitative and quantitative business insight about your customers & their preferences, industry trends, desired product attributes, or competitive product comparisons.

Amreli Technology Solutions helps you get there through their expertise and their technology product, SurveYou. SurveYou is an online & mobile based market research survey application targeted at enterprises and research companies. With SurveYou's powerful features, you can reach your target demographics with a variety of media to collect insightful data. With SurveYou, you can launch surveys with a variety of smart questions that suit your needs, eliminating redundancies and inaccurate or out of range numbers. At the end, you will receive customized reporting, analytics, charts, trends and suggestions based on the collected data.

SurveYou is ideal for new product research, customer satisfaction, requirement gathering, lost customer follow ups, market trends, business assessments and many other scenarios.

SurveYou is available as a license that you can install at your premises for complete ownership - or - hosted by AmreliTech - or - hosted on the Cloud.

SurveYou also has SKUs that enable powerful expert systems so that your customer service personnel will solve problems accurately.

Market Research should be the starting point of formulating any market strategy and business planning. Surveying is the most critical step in the process of market research. Surveys help you in understanding the knowledge of your customers, partners, employees, their thoughts, priorities, preferences and expectations. Surveys provide a statistical base to model your mission critical plans.

What is Market Research?

It is a scientific process of data collection and analysis of data for formulating marketing strategies based on customer requirements. The basic stages in market research are:

  • Understanding the specific problem to be resolved and objectives to be achieved.
  • Designing the questionnaire.
  • Identifying the sample universe.
  • Surveying the sample universe.
  • Data analysis.
  • Reporting.
  • Making strategies to best utilize customer preferences and feedback.

We at SurveYou® help you in performing all the critical steps in an astute manner for all your business needs.

For Profit Organizations

  • Identifying target market segment
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Entry into market
  • Increase market share
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Take customer feedback
  • Improve your products

For Social Organizations

  • To understand the expectations
  • To evaluate how you can serve better
  • To measure satisfaction of your audience

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